News Icon February 13, 2024

A Sunny Path to Green Hydrogen

News Icon July 12, 2023

New Ferroelectric Switches Could Reduce Energy Use in Microelectronics

News Icon September 20, 2022

Materials Faculty Part of Two New DOE Energy Frontier Research Centers

News Icon August 29, 2022

Summer Workshops Focus on Artificial Intelligence in Science

News Icon April 26, 2022

Energy, Environmental Seed Grants Awarded to 21 Interdisciplinary Teams

News Icon April 13, 2022

Materials Research Institute Announces 2022 Seed Grant Recipients

News Icon February 28, 2022

New Screening System May Point the Way to Clean, Renewable Hydrogen Power

News Icon October 29, 2021

Seed-Grant Recipients to Put a Human Face on Materials Research

News Icon October 26, 2021

Materials Research Institute Names Five Roy Award Winners

News Icon June 16, 2021

Computers Help Researchers Find Materials to Turn Solar Power into Hydrogen

News Icon May 4, 2021

Faculty and Student Excellence Celebrated at Virtual Awards Ceremony of Penn State's College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

News Icon September 22, 2020

Center for Nanoscale Science Renewed at $18 Million for Six Years

News Icon July 15, 2020

Over $10 Million Awarded to Penn State for Energy Center

News Icon July 7, 2020

National Science Foundation Announces Competition Results for Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers

News Icon June 22, 2020

Design Method May Boost Semiconductor Performance by Better Handling Heat

News Icon April 3, 2020

National Academies Release Report "Advances, Challenges, and Long-Term Opportunities in Electrochemistry"

News Icon January 16, 2020

Energy 2100: Penn State Renewable Energy Initiative

News Icon October 18, 2019

New Approach Probes Vibrational Modes of Solutions that Cause Singlet Fission

News Icon September 12, 2019

Quantum Leap: Department of Energy Grant Aims to Speed Software Development for Quantum Materials

News Icon June 11, 2019

Faculty and Students Honored at College's Annual Awards Banquet

News Icon April 8, 2019

Materials from First Principles: Theme for Nelson W. Taylor Lecture

News Icon March 1, 2019

HydroGEN, National Renewable Energy Laboratory Collaborates with Four National Science Foundation Energy Projects

News Icon December 13, 2018

Interdisciplinary Research Proves Essential when Working on Food-Energy-Water

News Icon August 9, 2018

Jason Munro Receives Nature Poster Award at Gordon Research Conference

News Icon July 23, 2018

Jason Munro Pursues Research Passions with Help of Scholarships

News Icon July 20, 2018

Science-U's Make-It-Matter Camp Is a One-Week Summer Camp for High School Students

News Icon May 21, 2018

Penn State's Materials Computation Center Hosts 2018 Quantum-Espresso Workshop

News Icon February 8, 2018

National Science Foundation Grant to Help Create Sustainable Fuels through Artificial Photosynthesis

News Icon August 4, 2017

Institutes of Energy and the Environment Seed Grant Recipients Announced

News Icon April 10, 2017

Three Materials Professors Awarded National Science Foundation Early Career Awards

News Icon January 31, 2017

Materials Science and Engineering at Penn State

News Icon December 2, 2016

Humanitarian Materials Engineering Awards

News Icon December 15, 2015

Penn State Inspiring Research: Electricity

News Icon November 17, 2015

A New Symmetry Underlies the Search of New Materials

News Icon June 16, 2014

Penn State's Materials Research Institute Hosts 2014 Quantum-Espresso Workshop

News Icon June 15, 2014

2014 Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award

News Icon February 10, 2014

Researcher Relies on Quantum Simulations to Design New Materials